Early Bird - Face Mask
Early Bird - Face Mask Early Bird - Face Mask

Early Bird - Face Mask

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Early Bird logo printed on black soft touch face masks. Masks are designed to be comfortable to wear. Washable and reusable. Only limited quantities available.

Delivery time 1 - 5 workdays

Early Bird - Face Mask

Early Bird logo printed on black coloured face masks. Masks are made with soft double layered poly-cotton and are designed  to be comfortable to wear. Masks are washable and reusable. These can protect you from dust, bad air, vehicle exhaust etc. Wide application possible.

Notice! Only limited ammount available.

Please notice the following information regarding face masks:

- Cotton masks are not respirator filters. These will not project the user from catching covid-19. However with the correct use these masks can protect others around you by limiting the ammount of droplets in the surroundings.

- When using the mask, please follow the official safety regulations.

- Face masks may not be suitable for children of persons with heart - or lung problems.

If you have any questions regarding face masks you can contact us by e-mail info@unomas.fi.

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